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Depression is becoming a common problem in Chin with about 1/10 of Chinese people experiencing, or having experienced depression. This is between 9 to 13 million people, about 1/7 of whom eventually commit suicide. Most people in China consider "depression" means having a bad mood instead of mental illness. They do not feel comfortable talking about mental health and feel too ashamed to seek professional help. In some small city, people are even looked down upon for claiming that they have a depression problem.

I wanted to bring the topic of depression greater public exposure. My goal is to help people, depressed or not, to have a better understanding of this topic.

A project along these lines, was created at The China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Exhibited at The China Central Academy of Fine Arts Graduation Ceremony 
Exhibited at Da Yun Tang Gallery in 2016

Website: 1/10 “Blue” in China
Project created at CAFA, Beijing, 07.2016

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